I Am Worthy.

This year started off shaky.  January was incredibly tough. Between serious stressful stuff going on all month at work and the loss of my grandmother, my husband’s aunt as well as a former coworker of his, we seemed to consistently be undergoing turmoil in our household.  What got me through (other than the incredible steadfastness that is my husband) was the encouragement of my vision board. No lie!  I am amazed by the amount of positivity I maintained during that difficult month.  Every morning I see my vision board in my bathroom and I remember to keep my chin up and to take life one step at a time.  I got myself through that difficult time by never losing sight of my core values.  I remember to be grateful, to breathe, and to remain soft and humble without losing my strength, among everything else.  I was able to find my zen in the midst of chaos.vision board

Despite all that loss and all of that strain, this year has been an incredible year for me.  I am working on finding my passion and purpose in this life.  I am learning to trust in the universe, to trust in the energy, and to trust in my intuition.  I realize that I have always struggled between what my heart wants and what my head wants.  I have always overanalyzed to the point that I would actually end up causing myself harm.  I have always been my own worst enemy, judging myself so harshly in so many aspects of my life.  That stops now.  I have been opening up and working with the universe rather than blocking it out like I have for so long.  Looking back, I realize that there have been a few groundbreaking moments in my adult life – all that occurred when I decided to open up to the universe.  These have been the most shaking and yet the most meaningful for my life to move forward into alignment. But this year will be the first year I am fully opening myself up to my higher consciousness and it is truly amazing how things just start coming together once this higher power is aware of your intentions.

Just Monday of this week when I was commuting into my 8 – 5 job, something incredible happened to me that I took as a good omen of alignment in my life – I got stuck in traffic.  I know that sounds crazy but just keep reading!  Before leaving my house I chose a podcast to listen to on manifesting your desires – nothing like positive vibes on Monday morning!  That’s when I discovered Sarah Prout.  (Her journey is absolutely inspiring so I totally encourage anyone to consider checking her out on social media or listening to her podcast channel.) The podcast was entitled “10 Things Successful Manifestors Do Differently.”  As I am driving in Charlotte rush hour traffic, I’m listening to the episode and feeling very positive and very connected to this message.  And as I’m approaching the end of the list of 10 things, traffic suddenly comes to a complete stop.  I-85 North becomes a parking lot – no one is moving.  When the episode ends, I keep listening and it automatically starts playing the next episode, this one entitled “Your 5 – Minute Meditation for Manifesting.” So as I’m sitting there in traffic, cars all around me, with cloudy bleak skies on a Monday morning – I concentrate on this meditation.  (I know this is incredibly dangerous and I DO NOT encourage anyone to meditate in their car in rush hour traffic EVER.)  It was so powerful and in that moment I just surrendered myself fully.  I surrendered to Sarah’s words, repeating what she was saying out loud in my car.  I envisioned a white light surrounding my heart extending out into the white cloudy sky and out into the universe.  I held my hand to my chest and felt one with universe – I truly felt myself as star stuff in that moment.  When the meditation was over, I reached down to my phone to stop the episode and immediately traffic began to move again.  It was as if a divine force wanted me to stop where I was and listen to this meditation right then and there.  I began crying in my car because of how powerful this felt to me. I did find out what the reason was for this hault in the flow – as I approached the scene, I saw probably 10 to 15 police vehicles pulled over on the shoulder arresting a man – the fact that this was not a car accident made this even more powerful to me.

What this really divine intervention?  I honestly believe it was.

I am worthy of everything I have ever desired.  And you are too!  You just have to open up and tell the universe what you want.  What you seek is also seeking you.  I believe this with all of my heart and soul.landscape-sky-night-stars-29435.jpg