The Chocolate Banana Experiment

Some Monday nights I get home from work and do nothing but become a warm unmoving object on the couch for my cats to sit on. Other Monday nights, like last night, I come home with this unexplained god-like energy and make vegan pizzas with hubs and dance around in my kitchen to Lady Gaga’s greatest hits. AND all before the newest episode of The Alienist! I don’t know where this energy comes from but I never question it – I just accept it as a beautiful gift!


I love desserts and I love baking. One of the things that I worried about when making the decision to begin a plant-based diet was whether or not I’d have as much enjoyment from baking and creating desserts with my new restrictions. But what’s amazing about living in today’s world is all the alternatives available for things like eggs! But setting aside the egg substitutes for the moment, I have been curious to experiment with the raw approach to desserts lately. And after doing some research I whipped up a bit of an experiment – I think it was Lady Gaga coursing through my veins.

I’ve never eaten dates before in my life, let alone include them as one of the main ingredients for a crust in a dessert. But it turns out that the earthy sweetness of these babies adds the perfect sweetness to a dish and also acts as a binder for all your ingredients. Not to mention the incredible health benefits! Packed with potassium and fiber, they’re actually the perfect sweet snack as well.

So I decided to embark on this chocolate banana…concoction. Aaaand didn’t succeed but yet didn’t really fail! The outcome was interesting.


For my crust I used medjool dates, walnuts, coconut oil, coconut flakes, and a dash of salt. I blended them all in my food processor until all ingredients were broken down and incorporated together. I spooned the mixture into a 9- inch springform pan, smoothed out an even coating with my hands and set aside while I worked on the chocolate banana topping.


I had a mixture of almonds and cashews soaking in water in a bowl for two nights. I wasn’t quite sure what I was preparing them for but I knew I wanted them to be ready when inspiration striked me (thank you Mother Monster)! I measured out about 2 cups of them into my food processor, adding coconut sugar, cacao powder and 4 bananas along with it. I also added a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to the mix. And after this mixture was as creamy as I could get it with my Hamilton Beach food processor, I smoothed the mixture on top of the crust and set in my freezer overnight.


Well, my friends, this was my first raw trial (pun intended) and the outcome was not pretty enough for a picture. Ha! I brought this to my office today and had my coworkers taste test for me. We all seemed to agree the texture was a bit too grainy. And it was more like mush than a torte or a pie would be (which is what I think I was going for here). BUT…it was actually pretty damn tasty to be honest! And that’s the part that really counts, right? 😉  I think LG would agree.


I’ve got another recipe in mind soon. And as I don’t think this was a total failure I think maybe I will do some more research on raw recipes and get back to baking for now.

Have you tried creating any raw desserts of your own? What was your experience like?